Claire Ward Bridals

There is something different when surrounded by people that live in creativity, who know more than you, who stretch your heart and mind, and are not afraid to pour into your life the things they are putting out into the world. People who want to make you love harder, do more, and be better - not because they will love you more, but because they believe in you. Claire, and her husband, Alec are just that and the gratitude is full for people like you. I'm still floating as I remember taking these pictures of Claire and here they are.

We met in a worship band on a November night, dated through a number of quiet coffeeshops, loved the band Colony House, met each other’s families, tried to win over each other’s friends, fell in love in the Arkansas humid summer, realized we never wanted to be with anyone else, waited, prayed, and got engaged. We loved doing literally everything together. We became close over simple dinners in Denver, but also because of Target runs for popcorn. We bonded over the hardest things and best things about our own stories as well. Things that happened before we knew the other one was even around. As humans, we desire to be loved and known - when you find someone that not only likes all of your secret quirks but actually LOVES them...? Something beautiful happens.
The great thing is, it really isn’t about “our” story at all. It isn’t about the perfect Instagram wedding hashtag or the number of home goods we received at our showers (12 cutting boards and counting). Our heartbeat is for God to change us as we encounter others in the days to come. To know them together as a couple deeply - sharing the same acceptance we found in one another. We believe we can do that through the beauty, creativity and love that He has placed inside both of us.