Bri + Lawson Engagements

Bri + Lawson's engagement shoot was one that left me speechless. We were on our way to one destination and when we saw this to our left, we had to pull over. I always adore a couple that is willing to get a little messy and have a great time while doing it. We experienced an overlook with water next to it, 3 rainbows, and an unbelievably picturesque sunset that had a storm roaring in the distance. The scenery was laughable because it was just so beautiful and the two before me were effortlessly in love with made it that much easier. Watching their interactions was capturing it was so fluid because they truly are safe with one another and it was honest. I was honored to capture these two and here is a glimpse into the session I had with the almost Mr. + Mrs. Wright.

It has made me better loving you... it has made me wiser, and easier, and brighter.
— Henry James